Author and curator of the project

Evgeny NETRA

Organizer TS "TETRA-ART".
Supported by: "Russian Art Week", St. Petersburg Union of Artists, Union of Abstract Artists of Russia, MA "Union of Designers", Eurasian Art Union and other Creative Unions...                                                                  

Head of the "Photo-Art and Multimedia" section of the Eurasian Art Union.

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Evgeny Natra

Author of the project

Nadezhda Lebedeva

Expert Council

Leonid Feodor

Expert Council

Olga Petrova

Expert Council

Fedor Filkov

Producer of the project

Iskander Ilyazov

Expert Council

Participants of the exhibition of past seasons

Expert opinion


Variety of genres

Painting, graphics, sculpture, photography, decorative arts, textiles

International composition

Participants from Russia and countries of America, Europe and Asia

Integration and support

The most successful works with a large number of points will be submitted for joining the Eurasian Art Union and other professional associations

Expert Council

Professional jury representing more than 20 countries of the world

Made with love

For eight years we have been running the "Female Image" project, giving our ardent love to women

Unlimited participation

Complete carte blanche for creative realization! Only your creativity and your vision


Female images in art

Age of the project - 8 years
Number of participants - 960 artists
Number of participant-countries - 14 countries
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